Krystal Garden & Stambolov’s Monument


Watch our vlog video, and admire the beauty of the small Crystal Garden in Sofia! Learn the story behind one of the creepiest statues in town from our tour guide Lubo! Read the article below the video, for 5 more interesting facts about that iconic place!

5 More Interesting Facts about Krystal Garden

  • Kristal is among the oldest public gardens in Sofia. During the Ottoman rule, the place served as a nursery garden. Todays public garden was officially opened in 1925, and since then it has been one of the favorite places of the locals!
  • The place is nicknamed after one of the top restaurants in Sofia from the Communist era, which was located there. When speaking about food, the Free Sofia Food Tour – Balkan Bites, starts at 2 PM every day (except national holidays) at the statue of Stambolov!
  • One of the most iconic water fountains in town is located in Crystal Garden. In General, tap water in Sofia is safe to drink, so do not hesitate to take a sip of water, or fill-in your bottle from the … ducks’ beaks!

Tap water fountain in Sofia Bulgaria

  • The monument of Stambolov is not the only statue there! Right in front of it, you will find the bronze sculptures of 2 reindeers. Don’t be surprised if you see both children, and adults taking pictures on top of them. This has always been one of the favourite places of the local children, so most of them have at least one photo from their childhood there. Recently, posting before & after collages on Instagram, or Facebook became quite popular! If you are travelling to Sofia with children, consider taking a picture with the deers!

A Famous statue in Sofia Bulgaria

  • In the early XX century, the authorities had plans to construct a building for the National Library & Museum here. The terrain turned to be inappropriate, due to underground waters. Nowadays, the  former excavation still can be noticed behind Stambolov’ statue! 

Krystal garden Sofia

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