COVID-19 Restrictions Update: Bulgaria welcomes tourists from 29 nations


As of 1st of June, 2020 tourists from 29 countries can freely enter Bulgaria without restrictions and quarantine.

These countries are: Austria, Germany, Poland, Greece, Denmark, Romania, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Finland, Cypres, Netherlands, France, Latvia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Luxemburg, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, San Marino, Andora, Monaco, Serbia, Vatican City, North Macedonia and the Netherlands.

COVID-19 regulations in Bulgaria

Bulgaria remains one of the safest European countries in relation to the new pandemic. The numbers of deceased have never peaked and remained low for the past month after the lockdown had been lifted. There are only a few restrictions that remain in place, the more notable are: people should wear a face mask when in shops, museums or other public buildings; wearing a face mask is compulsory in the public transport; only a limited number of visitors (individuals or small groups) are allowed to enter the museums at a time. Besides these measures, hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions are open and starting to fill up.

Traventuria’s measures as of 4th of June

Though exulted from the great news, we remain vigilant and ready to act accordingly if the situation changes. The safety of our drivers, guides and clients is our top priority. As a guarantee for our health, we have strict protocols that are based and comply with WHO and UNTWO guidelines and the Bulgarian Ministry of Health regulations. Some of these are:
– Cleaning and disinfecting the vehicle at least 4 times per tour;
– Guides and drivers wear face masks and gloves;
– The vehicles are not used to their full capacity. We will be running only small group tours.
– Passenger will be asked to wear face masks.
– Hand sanitisers will be available for free.
– Physical distancing (at least 2 meters) will be observed.

Here is a short video on how we implement the above-mentioned protection measures:



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