The Yellow Cobblestones – Sofia’s Top Landmarks


Some of Sofia’s most famous squares, and streets are paved with beautiful, yellow cobblestones. Watch our short video, and learn where did they come from! Read the article below to learn more interestig facts!

A walk along the yellow cobble streets is for sure among the top things to do in the Bulgarian capital!

Here are 5 more interesting facts about them:

  • Sofia is famous for the yellow cobblestonesWhen we want to say, that something is located in the top center of Sofia, we use the expression On the yellow cobblestones as a synonym.
  • A musical festival in Sofia is named after the famous yellow pavement. It takes place every October. If you are planning to visit Sofia in this time of the year, and if you like jazz music, check more details about this event on
  • In Sofia, you can literally drive your car along a monument of culture. In 2013, the Sofia City Council included the cobblestones on the list of the monuments with cultural importance.
  • The surface, covered by yellow cobblestones in  downtown Sofia is equal to the surface of 11 football fields.
  • A yellow cobblestone is 21 cm long, 10 cm wide, and 8 cm high .

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