Bulgarian Academy of Sciences & famous Bulgarian invenions


Bulgarian Academy of Sciences & famous Bulgarian invenions

  • Watch our 3rd video, and hear the story of the oldest Bulgarian istitution! 
  • Learn about 3 Bulgarian inventions, which have changed our daily life! 
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The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences occupies one of the most beautiful buildings in Sofia. It is located in the top city center, next to the building of the Bulgarian National Assembly.

In the late XIX century, the Sofia city council granted this land to the Academy for free. Their only condition was the land not to be used for any other purpose than planting a botanical garden, and constructing a small building for the garden’s needs. Despite that, for many years, the building was used by the Ministry of Exterior. It was also hosted several sessions of the Bulgarian Parliament.

Just like the famous Boyana Church (UNESCO), the temple of Bulgarian Science was constructed in 3 stages, by 3 (according to some sources 5!) talanted architects! The construction works began in 1890, and the building was completed in 1928. The second building stage was financed by a loan, and  thanks to 22 scientists, who mortgaged their homes!

Tip: Don’t miss this beautiful building, while touring Sofia. It has great importance for the Bulgarian sociaty and is for sure among the architectural gems of our city!

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