Online Map of the Fountains with Drinkable Water in Bulgaria


Online map for the fountains with drinkable water

Summer heat always brings extra thirst. As mentioned in our previous post (link), tap water is drinkable almost everywhere in Bulgaria. We highly recommend drinking tap water in order to limit as much as possible your plastic waste.  Unfortunately, there aren’t as many water fountains in Bulgaria as we wish. We like to introduce you to an initiative of the Zero Waste Sofia blog. On the following LINK of the blog, you can find an interactive map with the active fountains in Sofia and in Bulgaria as a whole. The map is continuously updated by volunteers. There are already more than 270 fountains listed, but the project is gaining momentum and will be backed up by one of the Bulgarian televisions. The project was ranked among the best 50 of more than 500 projects of the 2019 Europe’s social innovations competition!

All the useful information

On the map, you can also find bars and places to eat, which avoid using plastic bottles and serve tap water. It is good to know that most Bulgarian restaurants do not include free water and bread in the meal. Before enjoying your meal at any restaurant, you can always ask for a glass of tap water instead of a plastic bottle. In some restaurants, they may not even charge you for that. 

The blog provides up-to-date information on the quality of the tap water in Sofia. There is an option for reporting about non-working or damaged water fountains. The information is sent to the authorities.

While on our tours you can always ask our guides for the location of the nearest fountain. There are plenty of water fountains at the Rila Monastery and along the tourist walking routes in Koprivshitsa and Plovdiv. 

Happy and plastic-free journeys! More posts on how to travel in Bulgaria responsively can be read on our Blog.



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