The tranquility of the off-season hike at the famous 7 Rila Lakes


IMG_20190505_134209The 7 Rila Lakes is one of the most admired and popular hiking destinations on the territory of the Rila National Park. What makes this area so desired are the fabulous sceneries, worth every step and breath along the moderately difficult walk to the highest lake.

Over the past years, the lakes became a popular summer destination not only for the mountaineers, but to the general public. This is due to the easy access via recently constructed chair lift and various concerts and religious gatherings. This “mainstreaming” has led to increasing littering of the nature park and the numerous tourists are spoiling the natural tranquillity and magic of this phenomenal site. Recent controversies with Mr Bear Grylls have finally sparked the engines of the idle Bulgarian authorities to take action in limiting the access to the park, in order to preserve the beauty of the area. An over a million euro conservation of the wild habitats of the area project will be started and executed by the National park administration.

People looking to get away from the busy city, their day to day jobs, just wanting some peace and quiet, may stumble across a not so relaxing atmosphere during the summer season.
They’ve started looking for an alternative time when there’s not much activity around the lakes. The best months are in May, April, October and November.
At this time of the year, there’s still plenty of snow and those that are prepared and eager enough to venture out towards the lakes will be left stunned with the snowy allure of the mountain. With almost no tourists going up the mountain, anyone will be able to embrace the tranquillity emanated from the snow-capped peaks.

Don’t miss the advantage of exploring the lakes in May – in a small group and with an experienced guide. Don’t forget to dress well as weather changes its moods swiftly in the Bulgarian mountains.

Here are some pictures were taken recently by our guides, who are leading our guaranteed departure tours to the Seven Rila Lakes:


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