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I’ve met Mira Boiaslieva a few years ago on a wildlife photography tour organized by Traventuria. We became friends quickly and our paths crossed again last year as she introduced me to her project SoFun (https://www.sofun.bg). I instantly agreed to partner with her and since then her interesting initiative really took off. Here are a few questions she answered for me regarding SoFun and the benefits for the tourists using SoFun’s Discount Card.

I would like to congratulate on the beautiful and eye-catching website – www.sofun.bg. I was really impressed by the short video in the header on the home page. Can you tell me some interesting facts about how this movie was made?

When we started creating and developing our website, we decided that a video in the header will be a spectacular way to introduce the tourists to the fantastic experiences that await them in Bulgaria. In the beginning, we were considering the standard approach, namely to make a video only for this purpose. Finally, we ended up with the idea of cutting fragments from our partner’s vids and editing them to make our video compilation depicting the variety of services presented on our site. After all, we are working with companies that are leaders in the tourism sector in Bulgaria and they are the ones offering great services to our customers. All of our partners reacted in an extremely positive way and the end result, as you remarked, turned out to be good. Actually, this video illustrates in the best possible way the concept of SoFun – the best companies unite their energy and resources to create together an impressive product list for the guests of our beautiful country.

When did you start the project SoFun? What inspired you to commence it?

The idea was born at the beginning of 2018 and coincided with a peak in the Bulgarian cultural tourism. At the start, the target of our efforts and campaigns was the guests of Sofia who were using AirBNB to book their accommodation. The goal was to show them the best places and experiences in our capital in a cheaper, more secure and smarter way. Using SoFun platform they are saving time and money. All the highly rated services with discounts are packed in one place. Sofia and Bulgaria as a whole are amazing and we are trying to make them more easily accessible.

Where can the tourists get hold of the SoFun’s discount card?

SoFun Discount Card can be purchased from our office, which is right next to the National Theater “Ivan Vazov”. It can also be obtained at Sofia’s tourist info centers and from Gifted located on 24, Ivan Denkoglu str. Soon the card will be available at Sofia Airport and online on our website. Of course, even now it can be bought from the most popular booking engines like TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide and others.

What is the price of the card?

SoFun Discount Card is priced reasonably – 5 Euro per card. Almost always her owner will benefit even from using it only one time. Here is an example: The SoFun Discount Card gives its owner a 20% discount at any of the three Raffy bars in Sofia. If the invoice is 25 Euro, then the SoFun Discount Card has already fulfilled its purpose. There are very attractive discounts for tours, outdoor adventures, extreme sports, SPA, massages, escape rooms…Sometimes they reach 60%. It is obvious that with a 3-day stay in Sofia the saved sum of money can be pretty impressive.  

Is this the only discount card in Sofia?

For sure it is the only one of its kind. Unlike standard City Pass cards, we do not offer discounts from museums entrance fees, skip the line options or free use of public transport. That’s not accidental. Firstly, the tickets to Sofia’s museums are at a symbolic price and there aren’t queues in front of the tourist attractions in Sofia. As far as transport is concerned, the city center can be pleasantly and easily be traversed forward and back on foot. Of course, we also offer transport services – like taxi and car rental – all at discounted prices. Our focus is on the precise selection of services in order to ensure an unforgettable stay of our clients.

What other activities are due to be included in your platform in the next few weeks?

We strive to continuously incorporate new and unconventional proposals. We are working hard on the Shopping section – our customers will be able to enjoy discounts both on the purchase of traditional Bulgarian souvenirs and in the shops of world fashion giants as well. We are also keen on developing the Festivals and Events categories. There we offer exclusive ticket prices for concerts, sporting events, folk festivals and so on. We are adding new offers literally every day. They are already over 80!

I will be following your initiative development. I’m sure that the Bulgarian tourism will benefit from it.

Thanks for the high appraisal! We hope to justify both your trust and our customers. Sofia is so fun, it does not have to be expensive!


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